I started life in Texas in 1961. My father was in the Air Force, so from Texas it was on to Europe, Nevada, New Mexico, and finally northern Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. I began turning twenty five years ago as a hobby. For the most part I am a self taught turner. I bought a book and video by a well know woodturner and was off and running. I eventually joined the Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild and the American Association of Woodturners and started attending regional and national symposiums. This helped to further my turning skills.

Over the years I have also had the distinct pleasure to spend some time with some fantastic turners. Eventually, with the advice and help of several turners I admire, I decided to try my hand at demonstrating and teaching. I have since demonstrated for woodturning clubs, regional symposiums, and taught woodturning classes locally and at arts and crafts schools. Most of my work has been utiltarian in nature - bowlsand boxes. other bowls are decorative or artistic in nature. No matter what I'm creating, I get great satisfaction from the process of making it and giving second life to such a wonderful material.

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